Changing the game together

Sport is an important enabler of sustainable development. With the aspiration of leaving no one behind and its promotion of tolerance and respect, it can be used as a platform to continue advancing economic development, encourage social inclusion and embrace environmental protection.

Building a better world through sport

The Netherlands recognises the growing contribution of sport to the realisation of development and peace. It plays an important part in the  promotion of tolerance and respect, as well as the empowerment of women, young people, individuals, communities, health, education and social inclusion objectives.

As a small country, we actively seek international cooperation and adapt quickly towards new challenges. Our long-term public-private approach facilitates the responsible promotion of Dutch businesses, knowledge institutes and the affiliated sector in target markets where our knowledge and solutions are welcomed and of added value.

The Netherlands has the technological expertise and innovations in house to provide high-quality pitches - whether artificial, hybrid or natural. Also, Dutch businesses want to share their experience in building circular and sustainable sport venues with bio-based raw construction materials, solar panels and smart energy storage systems.


We are fully committed to use sport as a powerful tool for making society more equal through facilitating opportunities for marginalised and underprivileged groups - such as children, the disabled and migrants. We want to help them to interact and integrate with other social groups and showcase their talents.

By teaming up and elevating sport, we can build a better world - one which is healthier, greener and more peaceful. In its vein, the Netherlands is always in search of new partners. Get in touch with us and together we can win a medal in the game of solving global challenges.

Let’s continue our conversation: visit the newly launched Sports-NL website to find out more about Dutch public-private initiatives in the sport sector.