What solution does Bilihome provide?

Bilihome recognised the potential for solving the challenges of hospital and home care, thereby preventing separation, and allowing extra time for bonding and soothing while getting jaundice treatment. All while driving cost savings and adding value benefits for both families and care givers.

How can they help in Southeast Asia?

Asia has a treatment need of 11.5% of all newborns with jaundice. The higher rate of prolonged jaundice due to the GDP6 deficiency comes with a later on set and longer duration of the therapy. Making home treatment possible without logistical hassle saves time and costs and challenging re-admissions, especially for the patient’s family. Families can benefit from the wearable phototherapy, since it allows you to naturally carry the baby around and does not require protection for the baby. The parent’s sleep is secured by eliminating disturbing blue light during the night rest. Life can go on as normal as possible.

What makes Bilihome unique?


Bilihome provides an ordinary-looking romper and vest with inserted open-structured light array that follows the body contour and emits therapeutic blue light directly on the baby’s body. The specially designed clothes are breathable, avoid light leakage and guide the cables to the light-weight battery pack. Garments are made from eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics, are baby friendly to the skin and washable. Also, the hexagonal openings and molded electronics within the blue light array enhance the cleanability of the wearable. All this makes it easy to use in the hospital or in a home setting. This product won the Red Dot Best award and is not seen in Red Dot Museum in Singapore!