Delft Imaging

DI being used.
What solution does Delft Imaging provide?


Delft Imaging is a Dutch company which provides imaging solutions, specialising in the screening of tuberculosis (TB). These screening methods include both portable and stationary x-ray systems. They also supply mobile clinics and AI software to automatically detect abnormalities indicative of other diseases such as COVID-19.

They have a network of partners across Southeast Asia who can support their activities. For example, in Indonesia, Delft Imaging is working closely with IDHB to establish a service hub for the region and for market introduction purposes. 

Where in Southeast Asia are they active?

Delft Imaging screening solutions have already been used in Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. 

What makes them unique?

Delft Imaging solutions have already helped to screen more than 8 million people around the world for tuberculosis in over 40 countries.


In 2020, a letter of intent was signed between the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, Delft Imaging, and Delft Imaging's Indonesian partner company IDBH Senso. By partnering up with the Faculty of Medicine at Universitas Indonesia, extra research is carried out on several of Delft Imagins's AI software solutions. 


The CAD4TB AI software has been used to screen for tuberculosis amongst prisoners in a number of correctional facilities. Due to its rapid detection method, the software has proven to save time and costs in TB screening programmes. Delft Imaging has now extended collaboration with IDHB to further establish a service hub Delft Imaging's activities in Southeast Asia. 

delft imaging in action 1

Four "Delft Light" portable backpack x-ray systems were supplied to the Shoklo Malaria Research Unit. The systems are being used to screen migrants around the borders for tuberculosis.


2 mobile TB screening clinics were supplied to the United Nations agency UNOPS, to support implementing parties in the screening of TB across the country. Each mobile clinic is fitted with an x-ray system and CAD4TB AI software to enable rapid screening and triage of tuberculosis, wherever the clinic goes.