Inmotion VR

InMotion VR in practice
Rehabilitation through VR

Corpus VR is created by inMotion VR. The goal of inMotion VR is to offer mobile Virtual Reality solutions in the healthcare and therapy marketplace to improve life and wellbeing of people. Corpus VR is the number one platform in its domain. The platform combines Gamification and Virtual Reality together with Smart Sensors to offer a groundbreaking Data Driven Rehab Platform for spine rehabilitation. Let's play to heal!

patient playing VR
VR bowling environment
Virtual Reality as a groundbreaking tool

Live monitoring allows for continuous measurements. By using VR as a therapy tool, patients can train remotely and be monitored. A fun activity increases therapy adherence, while allowing treatment of multiple patients at the same time. Finally, it can be used both B2B and B2C.

VR forest
VR tropical
Play, train, reflect and gain

Corpus VR is a platform that enables both the professional and the patient to engage with a range of personalizable VR games for spine rehabilitation. It offers maximum engagement and fun while doing the exercises. Real-Time measurements give insights in the treatment progress.

By being focused in the virtual world:

● the perception of pain is lowered

● the ability to exercise increases significantly

● there is a long lasting effect due to the plasticity of the human brain

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