What solution does Topicus provide?

Topicus delivers software solutions for the screening of communicable as well as non-communicable diseases. They developed the population-based screening platform which expedites the national colorectal-, cervical and breast cancer screening programmes in the Netherlands and  developed the nationwide platform iTBC for the  screening, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis. Additionally, Topicus implemented a nationwide platform to support Covid-19 testing capacity and the vaccination programme on Covid-19. Topicus offers technical assistance to healthcare organisations and ministries of health to offer support in the selection and implementation of integrated IT screening platforms.

How can they help?

By systematically executing early detection via screening millions of people, many lives can be saved. If tumors or diseases are found in an early stage, high costs for treatment are avoided and a higher quality of life is experienced by the person involved. Since 2012, Topicus is involved in the three nationwide colorectal-, cervical and breast cancer screening programmes in the Netherlands. They can also provide expertise and software to implement organised screening programmes for other diseases. 

What makes Topicus unique?

Topicus offers a number of unique, innovative solutions such as; central IT-platforms, allowing capacity and expertise to be shared throughout any region; process-driven IT-platform that efficiently connects all facets of the total screening process and facilitates the required follow-up for patients; standardised communication with other IT-systems enable safe and secure exchange of data,  following the latest international standards of information exchange; and facilitating uniform methods of work so that knowledge, expertise and the quality of  screening programmes are maximised.