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How can ZiuZ' solutions help?

ZiuZ’ mission is to have a worldwide impact by solving problems relevant to society using visual intelligence. ZiuZ Pharmacy Automation utilizes best of breed, high-end technology and visual intelligence to maximize patient safety and validate over 14.400.000 personal medication doses each day around the globe.

Right medication at the right time

ZiuZ’ Pharmacy Automation solutions aim for maximising patient safety while reducing cost associated with medication management. Their solutions use patented technology that provides pharmacists and caregivers with the reassurance that their patients receive the right medication at the right time, day in, day out. ZiuZ’ systems have class-leading speed and accuracy while providing users with an intuitive working environment which enables them to get more work done in the same time.


ZiuZ Pharmacy Automation’s solutions fit in a chain of medication management solutions which improve patient quality of life while at the same time dramatically decreasing the cost of healthcare. The tangible benefits for patients are a healthier life and the ability to remain independent longer. Healthcare systems experience less hospital readmissions, less drug waste, increased patient safety and lower overall cost for healthcare in ageing populations.


Global experience

ZiuZ Pharmacy Automation has an active, worldwide userbase where our solutions verify and document personalized medication doses in numerous hospitals, independent pharmacies and pharmacy service providers. Amongst our customers are Amazon, Walgreens and the Phoenix Group. ZiuZ’ solutions are successfully used by a rapidly growing number of Chinese AAA hospitals in the Shanghai, Beijing and Guangdong regions.

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