How can Easee help?

Users can, via an online exam, have the capability to test their vision in their homes. This will reduce a user’s burden to look for a brick-and-mortar store to get their vision tested. This solution while reducing cost for the end user, reduces the burden on the healthcare system to conduct quick vision assessments.

Easee has enjoyed successful partnerships in Germany since 2019. Just some examples of partnerships carried out in previous years include MisterSpex, Caterna, University Med Center Ulm, and Knappschaftsklinikum Saar GmbH.

For MisterSpex, focusing on the customer journey, they directing their customers to do eye tests online instead of moving physically to a store, increasing the accesibility of eye health. 

As for Caterna, the main goal is purely medical. In this case, helping kids with Amblyopia (reduced vision in one eye caused by abnormal visual development early in life). Regarding the University Med Center Ulm and Knappschaftsklinikum Saar GmbH, the partnership  is primarily focused on conducting research. 

Whether you're looking for commercial, medical or research-based solutions, Easee has a wide range of possibilities on offer. Find out more by visiting their website directly: www.easee.online.

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