Showcases Digital Health

Find out how the different digital health solutions from this partnership of Dutch companies can help you. 


APOCLIP is a full coverage and turnkey platform including uniform audio-visual content and easy-to-use software for content personalization and distribution. All the videos are easy-to-access and easy-to-understand for all, including people with limited health literacy and limited digital skills. Learn more about this solution here.


Curavista.Health is on online platform designed to keep healthcare affordable and accessible for all. We service over 250.000 patients and their doctors in many fields. The platform is modular and a great toolbox for your eHealth solutions. Either as “Plug and Play” or you can create your own modules. Discover their showcase here.


The world’s first CE-certified online eye exam – clinically proven. With partnerships across the board, they have experience in research, commercial products and medical innovations. Discover their showcase here

IDCP Medical

IDCP Medtech specialises in marketing innovative digital medical products such as digital microscopes for telemedicine and the tele-dermatology platform DermEngine, streamlining workflows in a secure environment. Visit the showcase page for more.

ICT Medical Solutions

They develop and improve medical technology solutions. With their future-proof solutions, they continuously work to improve efficiency and quality in the healthcare industry.


Medify’s Medical Experience software transforms, digitalises and integrates the information and pre-screening process in every department. The result is an optimal patient care path: Patient focused, cost efficient and seamlessly integrated into the EMR. Find out more about their solutions here


SmartMed is fully focused on medication management and provides three different solutions: SmartMed Hospital, SmartMed Pharmacy and SmartMed forYou. To understand better what each solution entails, visit their showcase page here.  


Spectator aims to connect the domains of positive health, prevention, care, and social communities more effectively. The Spectator Implementation Method (SIM) offers a blueprint or script for implementation that applies to technology, research, care practices and patient education. Discover their showcase here.


Ximius' Patient Flow Management solutions can, among others, optimise hospital processes by forecasting hospital logistics, scheduling operation room times, determining bed capacity and offer real-time control and decisions to support departments. Visit Ximius's showcase page for more. 


Zivver is powering the next generation of secure digital communications for health organisations, preventing data leaks and empowering the people to work securely with minimal disruption. Visit Zivver's showcase page for more.