Join the celebration during the NL Sports Summer

After 18 months of time-out, we’re ready to get back in motion and enjoy a summer of sports together. Whether you’re a fan of football, tennis, cycling, the Olympics, Paralympics, or all of the above. Let’s capture the spirit of sports in bringing people together to build a better and fairer world.

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Ready to rumble!

Sport is a great enabler for sustainable, social and economic development. It helps us bring people together and strengthen communities. Sports do not care about gender, race, age or limitations. Sports push our limits, so we can play together and inspire positive change together.

As a nation, the Netherlands encourages collaboration across the globe to make the world a better, fairer place. From disinfecting fields with sustainable disease prevention systems to lighting up stadium with low energy LEDs, the Netherlands fosters sustainable innovation across its local venues and abroad. We are supporting our national teams across all sports as venues gradually reopen and players get back to the field. With our last friendly game played this weekend, now it’s time to get serious.

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Keen on sports? Keep an eye on NL Platform for stories behind each sport, kicking off with football following the Netherlands vs Ukraine in our very own Amsterdam on June 13. Be sure to also follow our social media channels and join us in the fun with bingo, giveaways and lots of celebrating. Like Dutch football coach Louis van Gaal says, it’s “death OR the gladioli” or “all or nothing” as is said in English. 

More sports content,  year-round, can be found on Sports NL or on the SportsNL Linkedin page.

(This article was first published on on 5 July 2021)