International hospital design

Deerns was founded in 1928 and has more than 500 staff members spread across offices in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, The United Kingdom, Brazil and Middle East. Deerns also has partnerships in Southeast Asia, India and the United States of America. Through their network of national offices, partnerships and cooperation with local architects and engineering firms, they are able to provide top international knowledge in Hospital design to local markets and adjust it to the local circumstances. They support their clients in realizing smart hospitals where safety, comfort and a healing environment, together with efficiency, quality and sustainability are optimized for the patient, visitors and hospital organization.

Less bricks, more bytes

Imagine a hospital completely centred around the patients and their loved ones. A hospital where all processes are devoted to realizing the best quality care, in the most efficient and cost-effective way, with optimal attention to hygiene and safety. This can be achieved through the integration of advanced hospital design and smart building technology: the foundation for an intelligent, space-efficient, sustainable, adaptable, and future-proof hospital layout with a focus on “less bricks, more bytes”.



A truly future proof, sustainable and Smart Hospital is designed to benefit all stakeholders, enabling:
  • The healthcare specialists to focus exclusively on patients and healthcare;
  • The nurses to focus on their daily duties and support specialists, while being relieved from inefficient activities;
  • The management team to achieve operational efficiency, better quality care, and a reliable, reputable hospital that contributes to sustainability goals;
  • Patients to gain access to a comfortable, user-oriented care process;
  • Visitors to be well informed about the care process and how to easily reach their loved ones

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