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Discover the Dutch Life Sciences & Health showcases

The Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector greatly values collaboration with a variety of stakeholders both on a national level and abroad. You can find examples of these collaborations in these showcases by clicking the pictures. Let’s improve healthcare together!

Delft Imaging believes that every man, woman, and child should benefit from advances in healthcare – regardless of where they live. Their focus is to provide affordable, innovative diagnostic imaging techniques and solutions that are key to strengthening healthcare systems on a worldwide scale. Click here to know more.

Delft Imaging
LifeSense Group

LifeSense Group is a technology development company that designs and makes digital health continence solutions. They have patented technology in smart textile, wearable technologies and mobile applications, turning medical innovations into reality.

Philips offers a wide range of digital solutions, from ICU's to tools and software for remote monitoring of expecting mothers. Learn more about Philips' solutions here, as well as their existing experiences in Southeast Asia. 





With the idea of minimising human suffering in times of emergency, Dutch company Hospitainer uses containers to provide medical solutions in places where demand is on the rise.

Preventing separation, allowing extra time for bonding and soothing are key for an effective infant jaundice treatment. Bilihome offers solutions that do all this, while driving cost savings and adding value benefits for both families and care givers.  Discover Bilihome solutions here





Imagine a hospital completely centred around the patients and their loved ones. A hospital where all processes are devoted to realizing the best quality care, in the most efficient and cost-effective way, with optimal attention to hygiene and safety. Learn more about Deerns' solutions in Southeast Asia. 


ZiuZ’ Pharmacy Automation solutions aim for maximizing patient safety while reducing cost associated with medication management. Visual intelligence is used to maximize patient safety and validate over 14.400.000 personal medication doses each day around the globe. Read more about ZiuZ here.





Topicus delivers software solutions for the screening of communicable as well as non-communicable diseases. Discover their solutions in Southeast Asia.

The goal of inMotion VR is to offer mobile Virtual Reality solutions in the healthcare and therapy marketplace to improve life and wellbeing of people. Learn more about inMotion VR here





At Elevate Health, developing tailor-made e-learning solutions for the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector is their passion. Over the past years, they have gained valuable experience in developing high-quality online and blended learning solutions in co-creation with academic partners, content experts and customers. Click here to find out more

Founded in 1925 in The Netherlands, Enraf-Nonius has evolved to be a global player in the market of medical equipment and rehabilitation products. With long lasting relationships all over the world Enraf-Nonius is a Partner for Life. Discover their solutions in Southeast Asia. 



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This public-private partnership is coordinated by Task Force Health Care Programme Manager: Annelie Oortwijn.

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