About Connected Care


What is this collaboration for?

This website is part of a Dutch public-private programme on connected care to assist and jointly improve healthcare in the Southeast Asian region. The main focus areas of this programme are eHealth, healthy ageing and hospital infrastructure. Through cooperation, in business, knowledge and on a governmental level, we aim to improve living standards for all. 

This partnership includes front-running Dutch LSH businesses and knowledge institutes represented by Task Force Health Care, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency  and the Dutch embassies in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. 

From June 2021 to May 2023, a series of activities will be organised in the Netherlands and Southeast Asia. These events aim to connect healthcare stakeholders and strengthen the existing sustainable healthcare relationships between the Netherlands and Southeast Asia. 

The Netherlands works towards future-proof healthcare by:

• Bringing healthcare closer to the patient and people, and less in hospitals if possible

• Patient-centred seamless care instead of thinking in primary, secondary and tertiary care

• Increasing patient involvement in the care process

• Moving away from complexity, regulatory burdens and offline towards working in a smarter, data-driven and digital way.

• Using collaboration to improve access to care. The Netherlands has adopted a quadruple helix approach. This means that the government, along with knowledge institutes, organizations and members of a society work together in solving global challenges.