How can CareAnimations help?

Many patients find it difficult to understand and use health information (approx. 60%). This is one of the main reasons that treatment recommendations are often not followed and that 30 - 40% of medicines are not taken as prescribed, leading to unnecessary disease burden and costing the German economy millions each year.

A successful pilot in Germany with 100 pharmacies recently took place with a focus on diabetes. The results of the pilot project in Germany are very similar to the experience in the Netherlands. They found that patients remain very positive about the initiative and give promising answers regarding understanding and proper use of their medicines. Pharmacists are very positive regarding usage, content and how it improves the total service proposition of the pharmacy.

In the Netherlands, the APOCLIP platform has evolved to standard of care within 3 years and is used by 96% of all pharmacies and 75% of hospitals, leading to more than 10 million referrals and 3.5 million active users annually. All major health insurers incentivise care providers to use these solutions. In over 30.000 patients, an average knowledge improvement of 20% after watching the first video alone was seen, with additional improvements during the course of the information journey.

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