digital intake
How can Medify help you?

Leveraging a library of over 1.000 visualised, step-by-step interactive patient journeys and dynamic questionnaires, the software sends out digital modules to patients. Each Medify module is a digital consultation which fulfils the information need of both patient and healthcare provider.

Following a careful implementation process, the hospital gains a fully automated solution for digital intakes, patient education, shared decision making and PROMS/PREMS. It obtains full control over their (communication) process through insight and monitoring of the patient's status through dashboards.

Based on risk assessment and screening the hospital can create fast track attention or integrate a multi-disciplinary approach where needed. This can help healthcare providers obtain relevant information from patients upfront of a consultation or procedure, so they can determine the required actions and identify patient risk early in the process.

Medify has concentrated efforts to serve 1.200.000 digital intakes annually in the BENELUX region. A pilot project recently was launched in a private practice in Tübingen. There, a gastroenterologist pre-screened all their patients and was able to replace regular consultations from in person to via the phone. 

This allowed an increased accesibility to healthcare for the region's population. The digital intake can also spare time for healthcare workers in dealing with patient delays or unforseen in-person problems, thus, allowing more time for healthcare workers to focus on caring for their patients. 

Want to get in touch?

Feel free to reach out to one of the coordinators of this public-private partnership to find out more about this specific showcase and how it can be applied in your area. 

You can also find out more on Medify via their direct website