How can SmartMed help?

SmartMed is fully focused on medication management and provides three different solutions:


  • SmartMed Pharmacy: Supporting the processes in a public pharmacy, including patient management, receiving digital prescriptions from the doctors, risk based checks and controls, fulfilment, shipment, delivery, assortment, stock, replenishment, and reimbursement.
  • SmartMed Hospital: Closed loop medication management in hospitals, supporting the digital prescription by the doctors, reconciliation processes, the medication safety checks by the pharmacy, the full logistics, and the digital administration by the nurse.
  • SmartMed forYou: Medication management for the patient via a mobile app. Functionality includes a digital overview of the patients current medication, re-ordering medication at the pharmacy, setting medication reminders, always access to digital leaflet and links to visuals.

SmartMed develops its software in a modern environment and offers its solution as a service, thereby unburden tasks of the hospital or pharmacy IT department. The solution is scalable and suited to fit with clusters of hospitals or pharmacies.

Efficiency is increased in these organisations by bringing a lot of functionalities to a central level, such as patient management, assortment, formulary, medication safety checking. Integrated in the solution is an analytics platform that enables near real time analysis on the (aggregated) data and allows to build dashboards covering ‘headquarter’ analysis.

SmartMed's applications are developed for and in cooperation with the end users who deal with medication management on a daily basis. They can help by focusing on the immediate needs of healthcare professionals and patients:

  • By minimising time-consuming administrative overhead with easy-to-use tools.
  • By integrating fragmented medication processes into a closed cycle and to facilitate collaboration between different health professionals and patients. 
  • By analysing patient data to personalise and improve treatments, making precision medicine possible. 
  • By supporting active participation of people in self-health management and preventive medicine. 

Want to get in touch and find out more?

Feel free to reach out to one of the coordinators of this public-private partnership to find out more about this specific showcase and how it can be applied in your area. 

You can also visit their website directly for more information: