How can Ximius help?

Ximius offers the powerful combination of real-time analysis and continuous forecasting to address capacity issues at Hospitals. Smart algorithms support decision making to effectively prevent operational problems. Admission management can oversee the total planning process and optimum deployment of ORs, beds and staff. 

Ximius helps by simulating the number of beds needed, the optimal staff workload, OR schedules, as well as real-time insights in patient to nurse ratio, bed occupancy, arrivals (both predicted and unforeseen) and clear insight in available beds (1-2 person rooms). This all forecasted up to six weeks in advance. This is referred to as optimising the Patient Flow Management.

Streamlining patient flow means improving coordination of care, patient safety, and health outcomes by optimally meeting the demand for care and moving patients through care pathways quickly and efficiently. Generating these tangible results in continuity of patient care, increases revenue and reimbursement, and reduces avoidable patient days, while increasing safety and improving patient outcomes.


Ximius' best practices include solutions in the Marienhaus Klinikum Mainz. Here, the capacity and patient flow solutions are used for occupation and discharge management in coordination with the central emergency admission and operation department. This reduces avoidable patient days and provides insights to better plan admissions when nursing capacity is scarce. In the past it guided the reduction of the number of locations from 2 to 1 and was essential to plan the subsequent renovation, reducing the number of beds while increasing the performance.

In 2019, Spital Bülach from Switzerland started to use the hospital control system to assure high-quality care solutions for the future. Capacity management follows patient flows and can directly plan personal, all in one place. At the departments, ad-hoc management and care interruptions are avoided. Promises to patients are better kept and their satisfaction has increased. Daily management was simplified for all professional groups and data driven decision making avoids long discussions. Labour is more productive, while avoiding overloading.

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Feel free to reach out to one of the coordinators of this public-private partnership to find out more about this specific showcase and how it can be applied in your area. 

You can also find out more on Ximius via their direct website: ximius.eu