How can Zivver help?

Trusted by over 5,000 organisations globally, Zivver prevents data leaks caused by human error and ensures compliance. Zivver integrates with all major email clients including Gmail, Outlook, and Microsoft 365 and features unparalleled zero-keys encryption, contextual machine learning powered business rules, and recall you can really rely on. Most of all, their customers say that Zivver is effortless to use - always there, but never in the way.

Traditional email clients lack secure functionality to truly secure communications. With Zivver Secure File Transfer, users can send up to 5TB within their email client, utilise multi-factor authentication to ensure only the relevant recipient can access sensitive data, and automate workflows through integrations with communications platforms including Salesforce and Google Workspace.

In a world of hybrid working and evolving regulatory pressures, Zivver has tackled industry challenges head on to support compliance and empower effortless secure work.

They believe that smart technology should do the heavy lifting for people, enabling them to act securely, without disrupting workflows, so that they can get on with their days.

Impoving healthcare through technology

The leading causes of data incidents remains human error: sensitive information sent to the wrong recipient, mise of Bcc/CC, failure to revoke - the list goes on. In addition, their new remote working culture sees employees relying on email to share sensitive data more than ever. Zivver tackles the challenges facing the healthcare industry head on, empowering healthcare professionals to achieve compliance with the GDPR and NTA 7516, and communicate securely with patients, suppliers and other stakeholders.


Zivver applies semantic-aware, tailored secure encryption based on the sensitivity of your content and detection of the recipient's security levels. Plus, multi-factor user-level authentication verifies delivery to the right recipient. With Zivver, you can de-risk and meet data privacy regulations without making your patients jump through hoops. 

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Feel free to reach out to the coordinator of this public-private partnership to find out more about this specific showcase and how it can be applied in your area. Find out more about Zivver at www.zivver.com.