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Colombia and the Netherlands: movings towards integrated healthcare together

This website is part of a Dutch public-private programme on integrated care to assist and jointly improve healthcare in Colombia. The main focus areas of this programme are eHealth, preventitive screenings and healthcare access. Through cooperation in business, knowledge and on a governmental level, we aim to optimise health systems and ensure access to healthcare anywhere, anytime. 

eHealth as a means for a more integrated healthcare system

The use of digital solutions, such as telemedicine, e-health, electronic medical records and value-based healthcare, are becoming more prevalent in Colombia. One of the main uses of digital solutions is to improve and unify data systems for excellent outcome-based care. The Netherlands can be a partner for Colombia in sharing knowledge, technology and experience in the areas of patient privacy, digitalisation and data management, prevention-focused care, telemedicine and ready-to-use integrated solutions. As a result, a more personalised approach to care is possible, with patient monitoring even in Colombia’s remotest areas.

Optimising public health systems through preventitive screenings

The Netherlands can support Colombia by sharing knowledge and experience from our own public health sphere. With a talented health sector, the Netherlands opts for a multi-disciplinary approach to (health) training with plenty of practical challenges and experiences. Training programmes often make efficient use of digital tools which could prove useful to Colombia by reducing shortages in human resources. With prevention being an important focal point in Dutch health policy, the Dutch can also support Colombia in decreasing non-communicable diseases through preventative screenings and collaboration.

Improving health access in metropolitan and remote areas

Colombia’s vast landscape and division of urban and remote areas, using innovative solutions to improve the accessibility to healthcare is one of the national government’s main priorities. The right solutions and tools can provide necessary diagnostic technology in hard to reach areas. These also have direct benefits on reducing costs of equipment investment and increase accesibility to healthcare in the most remote areas of Colombia, reducing inequities while contributing to the country's goals of improving healthcare on a national level through discovery and innovation.

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This public-private partnership is coordinated by Task Force Health Care. Get in touch with us for more information.