Find out the many solutions available at every step of the healthcare journey.


This partnership offers unique solutions in mobile diagnostics, digital screenings and patient monitoring tools that increase accesibility of healthcare services in remote areas and focus on the early detection of diseases. The patient journey is center to their approach. Discover the best practices of this partnership through their respective showcase page. 

Erasmus Medical Center

Erasmus MC offers a wide range of solutions and treaments. As a member of this public-private partnership, the focus lies on early detection screenings. Read more about Erasmus MC's best practices


Among the many products and services provided by Philips, a few relevant showcases focusing on diagnostic imaging, patient monitoring and health informatics, can be found here


With mobile diagnostic tools, Resonandina is increasing access to healthcare in even the most remote areas. Find out how


Spectator provides rapid deployable integrated telehealth solutions, reaching remote areas around the globe and supplying healthcare services at different stages of the patient journey. Read more here. 


Topicus delivers preventative software screening platforms for non-communicable and communicable diseases, covering the entire process of screenings. Read how they do it here

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