About Making vitality reality

Making vitality reality aims to inspire people to be their most vital self and to help others in that ambition by sharing (news)articles, showcasing public-private partnerships and inviting you to Life Science & Health events.

Vitality for everyone, everywhere, at every age

What is created, invented and developed in one place, can be implemented and adjusted accordingly in another, to help improve the wellbeing for millions of people around the globe. The belief that together we can do better, is what drives the The Netherlands. Let's solve healthcare challenges together!

The world faces enormous societal challenges, challenges that we can only meet by joining forces and innovating.  As an innovative country and as a health and care coalition, Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector is ambitious. We have set the following goals. By 2040, all Dutch citizens will live at least five years longer in good health, while the health inequalities between the lowest and highest socioeconomic groups will have decreased by 30%.

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