Digital Health Germany

This German-Dutch public-private collaboration between various companies uses the latest technology to offer patients fully connected care, every step of the way.

The Netherlands and Germany: neighbours in excelling health innovation

Digitalising the health sector has the potential of transforming healthcare services by adding direct value to patients and healthcare organisations. Digitalisation offers patients and their loved ones 24/7 personal support, even in the most remote areas. This also offloads bureaucratic pressure on healthcare workers, allowing them more time to offer patients excellent care. In other words, it proposes a fully ‘connected care' system for everyone. The digitalisation of the health sector proves beneficial in the following health domains: improving health safety, efficiency and effectiveness, reducing costs, better decision making, reducing medical errors and allowing access to remote clinicians.

Connected care for everyone

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This public-private partnership is coordinated by Task Force Health Care Programme Manager: Pieter Van Beers at

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patient being taken care of by a robot