Meet the companies in Digital Health

Here you can find the members of this public-private partnership and read about their contributions to sustainable, innovative eHealth. 

CareAnimations offers state-of-the art technology to provide personalised patient information about medicines and related diseases in Germany's most frequently spoken languages through easy-to-understand animated videos, pictograms and journeys, to improve use of medicines, compliance and self-management. Their platform can be used stand-alone and is easy-to-integrate into other healthcare applications and portals. Learn more about CareAnimations' showcase.





curavista supports patients and their healthcare professionals via online monitoring and treatment. Self-management and medical treatment modules are very accessible and easy to use. With 250,000 users, 1 million submitted forms and an A+ rating by their customers, offers excelling connected digital healthcare. Learn more about's showcase. 

Easee is the world's first CE-certified online eye exam - clinically proven. Worldwide, more than 1 billion people live with a form of visual impairment. More than a third of eyewear users wear glasses or lenses with the wrong strength. Their mission is to make clear vision accessible to everyone. And that starts with knowing how good your eyes are. Learn more about Easee's showcase. 







As part of a digital pitch event organised by the Dutch Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) in Stuttgart and out of 51 participants, Sense4Baby from ICT Healthcare was chosen by the Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse as its favourite Dutch eHealth product. Learn more about ICT Healthcare's showcase. 

IDCP Medtech has been providing solutions for tele-dermatology such as the Dutch Ksyos digital health hospital and the Italian Med-ea telescreening solution. Worldwide the software solution Dermengine is being used for wide-ranging skin cancer screening programs such as the Australian example. Learn more about IDCP Medtech's showcase. 







Medify’s Medical Experience software transforms, digitalizes and integrates the information and pre-screening process in every department. The result is an optimal patient care path: Patient focused, cost efficient and seamlessly integrated into the EMR. Learn more about Medify's showcase. 

SmartMed is fully focused on medication management and provides three different solutions: Hospital, Pharmacy and ForYou.  It develops its software in a modern environment and offers its solution as a service, thereby unburdening tasks of the hospital or pharmacy IT department. The solution is scalable and suited to fit with clusters of hospitals or pharmacies. Learn more about SmartMed's showcase.







Spectator aims to increase cost-effectiveness as well as satisfaction for patients and their caregivers by improving healthcare access and the quality of life of those in need, regardless of gender, race, religion, social status or geographical location. Learn more about Spectator's showcase. 

Ximius offers you the powerful combination of real-time analysis and continuous forecasting to address capacity issues at hospitals. Smart algorithms support decision making to effectively prevent operational problems. Learn more about Ximius's showcase.





After in 2018 Zivver had been nominated for the Rising Star Award as part of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50, the company was in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for 2020 listed first as the fastest growing b2b tech company based on annual revenue in. Also in 2020, Zivver was listed as a Representative Vendor in Gartner's 2020 Market Guide for Email Security. For 2021, Zivver is listed as a #RegTech100 company. Visit Zivver's showcase page for more.